17th – 24th July, 2017

Littlehampton Arts Trail

I will post promotional literature and my location when it becomes available.

Friday 21st July

Puck of Pook’s Hill Art Competition

Art, competition, Arthur, Rackham, Kipling


I am on the judging panel! Winning entries will be notified by the end of the first week in August.

Categories are ages 5-10, 11-16, and 17+

Further information, terms/conditions and an excerpt from Puck of Pooks Hill can be downloaded from HERE

8th September  – 29th October

Arthur Rackham in Sussex – A 150th Birthday CelebrationPoster, Arthur, Rackham, 150, birthday, exhibition, batsman's, sussex, artist, illustrator

Held at BATEMAN’S, the Jacobean home of Rudyard Kipling, this exhibition will showcase original works by Arthur Rackham, alongside a number of my responses to his work, and a musical performance inspired by “Undine”.

As well as exhibiting my artwork, I will also be conducting a number of public lectures and workshops. I will add the dates here when confirmed.

16th September, 2017

Symposium: Arthur Rackham in Sussex

I will be speaking at this event which will be held in Chichester, West Sussex. I will post the details of the venue and a link for the purchase of tickets as soon as they become available. For details of what I will be covering, please read the abstract from my paper below:

Arthur Rackham and I were born into different worlds but have more in common than might, at first, appear. Our love of narrative and bringing stories to life is at the heart of our creative practice, yet we approach that love as if from different sides of a mirror. While Packham used illustration to sear images into the minds of his, and future, generations, I use ancient techniques combined with an illustrative language to paint the ignition points of narrative, from where a lifetime of individual and unique stores might spring.

This paper will explain how I went about creating an exhibition of contemporary fine art that contains the echoes of Packham, and worked in a manner that honours his edict that, “…(pictures) both in subject and treatment must be considered as a work for contemplation – a permanent companion,” whilst maintaining a firm hold on my own practice and artistic identity. Referring to the work of Marina Warner, Alberto Manguel, Arthur Frank and others, I will examine the discourse around fairy tale narrative and socio-narratology as it relates to my practice, outline the differences between fine art and illustration as I see it, and share my thoughts on how the study of Arthur Packham’s life and work have directly impacted and expanded my practice, and provided a platform for further research.

December, 2017

Masters Degree Mid-Semester Show

Otter Gallery


September, 2018

Master Degree Show


University Of Chichester

Bishop Otter Campus